Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another Dec post

1 1/2 hours study of trees

...and the riverbank study so far

Lessons learnt over the course of painting?
  1. FIND A KEY (so important-  find the darkest darks and the lightest lights as soon as possible, saves a ton of time in terms of establishing the early landmarks in the painting)
  2. A bit too specific, but find a technique/method suitable to the task at hand (in this case, a darker tone for the canvas would be more suitable in both paintings as to avoid problems with working wet-into-wet, or having your key lost when the canvas cannot be covered in time)
  3. Humidity and high temperatures are another factor in working outdoors (be prepared.)
  4. The study above was unsuccessful because it's too mannered, (i.e. sacrificed good drawing for the sake of fancy brushtrokes). Too fancy, not enough information.
  5. Value problems, still (if I squint, everything seems to blend into a neutral blobby shape, the design wasn't resolved as well as it should)
Round two commences.

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