Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More Summer Studies

(from top) Boat study done over at Regent's Canal over the Easter break; in-progress shots showing the general approach taken for the study, started from life and finished in the final sessions from photographs as the weather gradually turned from late-spring grey and drizzly to sudden-burst-of-mediterranean-sun over the weeks the study was attempted. The general key and temperature of the study still needs to be improved somehow- perhaps it would be a better idea to revisit and attempt a new study of the boat in summer weather to see how it may look.

Architectural studies- one of the Oxford Natural History Museum, the other a preliminary study for a project near King's Cross, Granary Square. Trying to understand the effects of golden hour lighting and learning to mass-in shapes more efficiently in a quick study. The drawing inevitably slips in a single session attempt though- go as broad as possible in terms of the block-in and don't expect in-depth turning-of-the-form and accurate drawings in one-shot paintings. It's part of the deal with alla prima, not everything is successful on the first try, and you can only attempt so much up to a certain level (it's like stopping short 2-3 steps into finishing a painting, perhaps the best analogy to describe quick studies).

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