Thursday, 3 October 2013

Summer Landscapes

Summer work. Been going back slowly to doing more landscapes, both plein air studies and longer interior processes. These are mainly studies on board, or with the case of the attic study below, canvas laid on board (been having problems with uneven canvas expansion in the recent warm weather, so overlaid all plein air canvases on board just to be on the safe side).

Study of the studio complex over at Bermondsey. It's... a bit grim for a summer study (the weather gradually turned better in the afternoon though, so those grey overcast-ish skies gave way to blinding afternoon light!). 3-4 hours.
two-session study of a church near Kensington High Street. There was beautiful warm reflected light under the (decorative arch?), but it was still a bit too warm and golden-hour bias in the end.
Peacock Room, Leighton House. Graphite sketchbook study done over three sessions. Regretted using pencils as I couldn't get as close as possible to an expanded value range to better describe the light (most of the afternoon sessions were spent waiting for optimal light conditions, with drawing slowly being resolved whilst waiting). Wonderful building by the way, but its a shame most of Leighton's landscape studies (which were, in a way, some of his most honest works) are scattered in various private collections, other museums, and auction listings. 
End of the first session for an attic study at a friend's place. Really wonderful, Rembrandt-esque light, but a real challenge with the low ceiling and insulation rolls! The low ceiling light is from our right-hand side, and the light sliver cutting in is better explained in the second state.

Final session of the study. Overall time: 7-8 hours.

*EDIT* just updated two of the images- the larger image for the Bermondsey studio study and the last attic study as the temperature shift was too warm in the original scan! 

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